Safety is regarded as a top priority at Dastranj Rezabaft. It is our main value and an integral part of our culture. There are two key principles in our safety culture; 1) do it safely or leave it 2) It is always possible to do it right.

Our target is to eliminate all the incidents and injuries at work. We believe that it is our employees' right to work in a safe environment. Therefore, the most important criterion at our company is the human life and well being of the employees. Our golden rules which are in line with our business operations can assist employees to maintain safety, particularly at a hazardous workplace. Dastranj Rezabaft expects to create a safe workplace that is in accordance with OHSAS 18001. To conduct the safety management system, the company applies a diversity of devices and methods as follows:

Training program

1. Every individual employees are trained the safety requirements.
2. HSE Committee observe the employees’ performance and give reports to manager.

Evaluation and assessment

1. Assess the safety performance of personnel.
2. Behave strictly to those who transgress safety laws at work.
3. Encourage those employees who are considerate about safety.

Process safety

1. Ensures that our machines are operated safely and properly in order to inhibit leaks of hazardous materials and incident occurrences.
2. Careful observation of the safety of buildings under construction.

Safety equipment

1. All the necessary equipment including mask, helmet, goggle ,earplugs, working clothes etc are provided for each employees.
2. The company has the appliances such as fire extinguisher, fire hose etc for the emergency situations .