Mission, vision & value


Our mission is “to make customers have a better life through comfort and welfare and also put their dreams into reality”.


Our vision is to continue leadership in polyester yarn production and to sustain the reputation of the company. We strive to create a better future for polyester yarn by utilizing modern melt spinning technologies and innovative procedures. We put our whole efforts and energies to put all these objectives into action.



As a polyester yarn manufacturing company in a competitive world, we set high standards and ethical behaviors. Our growth and success are the results of our commitment to these values. Our business principles are based on the following core values;

Integrity:  We believe that prosperity will only be achieved if we act with integrity. Integrity is one of our major principles in business. We are honest about what we do and it’s not concealed from people around the world. We give clear, honest, and frank advice to our customers.

Safety: Whatever we do relies upon the safety of our employees and society. We work in a dangerous environment but we know all injuries are preventable. We do it through training and awareness programs. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our workforce. Thus, the health and wellbeing of our employees are highly important.

Innovation:  Inspiration and innovation in our profession is the priority. We are flexible and open to new ideas. All employees are encouraged and appreciated to express their own innovative opinions. We strive to develop services we have not thought yet.

Excellence: We invent new ways to improve people’s lives. We try to get better and more innovative through a disciplined programs and projects. We commit to high-quality products with the application of modern and developed technologies to meet various needs of customers.