DTY or Draw Textured Yarn is produced when POY is simultaneously twisted and drawn. This process is done by using texturing machines. The spinning speed of DTY yarn varies between 500 and 1000 m/min.


High strength, high durability, high temperature resistance, dimension stability


Upholstery, sportswear, furnishing, garment, underwear, bag.

Yarn Type POY FDY DTY ITY Cationic TFO
COUNT (Denier) 80-650 50-300 50-1200 85, 135 75 , 150 20-3000
Filaments 24-288 24-144 24-1152 48, 108 48, 108 arbitrary
TPM (turns per meter) 60-2400
Luster B, SB, SD B, SB, SD B, SB, SD B, SB, SD B B, SB, SD